Our Story

How it all Started:

Back in 2018, my 2 year-old son and I were sitting on the couch and I asked him if he wanted to dress up like a golf caddie for Halloween. He could care less about the idea but I was super excited so that’s where our internet searching began. After several hours of looking on ebay, amazon, and etsy, it was clear that there was nothing out there online that resembled a white kids coverall.

My search continued for several weeks and I quickly concluded that if I wanted a caddie uniform for my son, I needed to create it myself. I called several seamstresses and no one showed any interest in creating a caddie uniform, due to the effort and complexity. 

The next step was to reach out to a clothing manufacturer and see if they could make it for me according to my son’s sizing specs. They told me that the minimum order would be 100 uniforms so I said “lets go for it” which was driven by a desperate need for that one uniform for my son’s Halloween costume.

After about 6 weeks of back and forth with the clothing manufacturer, 100 white caddie uniforms arrived on our doorstep. I kept one for my son, but suddenly my wife began questioning: “how are you going to unload the other 99 uniforms?”  

I reached out to my whopping 600 friends on Instagram and asked if there was any interest to buy a uniform from me or to invest in my new business. Everyone told me that I was crazy and didn’t understand the concept or how the extra uniforms would even sell…

My wife suggested that we market to sell the uniforms for Halloween. The idea was that Dad and Mom could dress as the golfers and the kids would dress as the caddies. I was hoping there would be other people out there searching for kids caddie uniforms so I decided to throw it on Etsy with pictures of my son in his uniform. Sure enough, after roughly 4 months on Etsy, the extra 99 uniforms were sold and I actually had to sell my sons uniform because I was waiting for another batch of uniforms to arrive to keep up with the Halloween demand. We created an Instagram account for the caddie uniforms and it gained a lot of traction as parents and kids were dressing up for Halloween and posting pictures and tagging us.

After a few months of fulfilling orders, several of the popular mom bloggers posted their kids wearing our caddie uniforms for their golf themed hole-in-one fifirst birthday parties. The sales took off from there and we were then asked by many customers to start selling the adult caddie uniforms. That was a whole different animal but we were up for the challenge. We were able to find a clothing manufacturer that made adult coveralls and once they hit social media, they spread like wild fire! In 2022 we add a variety of hats, in 2023 we added dog caddie uniforms and we will continue to add a variety of different golf related apparel as the golf industry is trending in the right direction.

We have been continuing to grow at a rapid rate and we are grateful for all of our customers that have trusted in our products!

Memorable moments:

– A photo at the 16th hole of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, where an adult men’s hockey team of 25 guys were outfitted in our caddie uniforms.

– Started out selling only kids uniforms and now 50% of our sales are from adult caddie uniforms.

– A Par 3 contest at a country club in California, where all of the country club member’s children were outfitted in our uniforms.

– Countless athletes and celebrities ordering uniforms for their kids.

– Being featured in Golf magazine.

– Sharing out story on the "Fueled By Why" podcast.

– Seeing our kids and adult uniforms worn by fans at several PGA Tour events.

– Outfitting an entire guest list for an NBA players daughter's birthday party.

It will be exciting to watch how the business continues to grow into the future and we hope that you will follow along on social media to witness this wild ride that we call our business.